ao 2017

ao 2017

Those female students who will be graduated by March, 2017 are eligible to apply on the following conditions:

Sendai Shirayuri Women’s College must be the first choice and the applicant must enroll on acceptance.
The applicants must meet the policy of the applying department.

* Departments of Human Development and Psychology and Social Work allow applicants to apply for more than one AO date.

Application and Examination

Application Period Exam Date Result
Date I August 17 to 22 August 29 September 2
Date II September 9 to 16 September 24 September 30
Date III October 14 to 21 October 29 November 4
Date IV November 25 to December 2 December 10 December 16

Selection Method

Department Exam Type
Human Development I&III&IV:Reading materials on the spot
II:Basic Mathmatics, Basic Japanese
Psychology and Social Work Reading materials on the spot
Global Studies Reading materials on the spot

Examination Location

Sendai Shirayuri Women’s College
Sendai, Japan

*Admission based on Recommendation does not apply to those who graduate from overseas institutions.
*As other types of examinations include a test in Japanese, and the translation is omitted here.