Faculty of Human Sciences

Learning in the Faculty of Human Science, Sendai Shirayuri Women's College

The Faculty of Human Science aims at developing students who learn, think, and act independently and thrive with a diversity of people to acquire practical skills with intelligence and specialization for widening future opportunities for women. I would like to speak a little about learning in the faculty in reference to the features of this college.

 First, this college is a member of Shirayuri Women’s Colleges as Catholic mission schools throughout Japan or Sister of St. Paul of Chartres (SPC) throughout the world. The lily in the school emblem, a symbol of chastity in Christianity, represents the dignified and noble figure of women. It is placed on the basis of the mind and attitude of students.

 Second, to realize “human understanding and support” as this college’s educational idea, this faculty has four departments (of psychology and social works, human developmental science, health and nutrition, and global studies), each of which fosters an ability for students to understand others and to open their own life, which is required globally and in local contemporary society.

 Third, this college is a women’s college. Women have hidden abilities and potential that even they do not recognize. Nevertheless, in some situations, women’s abilities cannot be used well, in a family, in the workplace, and in society, on a global scale. The mission of a women’s college is to acknowledge those circumstances objectively and thereby help women to acquire lifelong learning and capabilities. Furthermore, the mission echoes the educational idea of this college, which was founded to develop women who can “respond actively to social changes.”

 That this college is located in Sendai, which is called city of trees and the academic city, might also be a feature of this college. Even though it is a large city with a population of one million, its green trees along the main streets and richness of nature enrich people’s sensibility and dignity. It will continue to be a place for students to think deeply about nature, which sometimes confronts great threat, and human behavior, while students enhance their own intelligence.

Educational Purpose of the Faculty

Based on the Christian principle of “understanding and supporting humanity” and “actively engaging in the social changes,” the Faculty of Human Sciences strives to do research and provide education on the multiplicity of humanity, human acts, human society, and training women to be a leader in their field.

Curriculum Policy of the Faculty

  1. General education for broad knowledge, flexible sensibility, and holistic humanity; expert knowledge and skills through systematic specialized courses; other courses that enable learning in other departments or at other universities.
  2. General education includes courses in the areas of Christianity, humanity, social sciences, natural sciences, foreign languages, information, and health.
  3. Specialized courses to obtain professional knowledge and skills.
  4. Critical thinking and creativity, communication and self-expression ability through small seminars.
  5. Career education from the first year to cultivate a mind to contribute to society and obtain licenses.

Diploma Policy of the Faculty

Those who acquire the following as well as the predetermined number of credits are granted a degree.

  1. Professional knowledge on humanity and its support based on Christian principles. Abilities to judge, think, and act in order to positively engage in the changing society.
  2. An ability to pursue knowledge of nature, humans, and society through multi-disciplinary learning of general education, equipped with an open mind and cultural sensibility.
  3. Insights, creativity, and power to think about various problems regarding modern society through systematic learning of specialized field.
DepartmentGeneral educationMajorDegree
Human Developmental Science40 and more70 and more130 and more
Psychology/Welfare30 and more60 and more130 and more
Health and Nutrition40 and more80 and more130 and more
Global Studies40 and more80 and more130 and more

Degree Granted

Bachelor of Human Sciences